Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction to Graphic design skills
  • Elements of Design
  • Principles of Design
  •  Color Theory
  •  Tools Introduction

Chapter 2 : Basics of Graphic Design

  • Create Shapes
  • Color
  • Logo design
  • How to develop a concept
  • Overlapping gradient logo design

Chapter 3 : Tracing and Stationary Layouts

  • Live Tracing
  • Create Illustration
  • Layout Design for Stationary including
  • Visiting Cards, Flyers, etc.

Chapter 4 : Photoshop Basics

  • Photoshop Introduction
  • Picture Editing
  • Create Poster Design
  • Social Media Post Design
  • Backgrounds Design

Chapter 5 : Product Visualization

  • Product Visualization
  • Packaging Design
  • 3D Logo Design

Chapter 6 : Instagram Aesthetics

  • Social Media Post Design
  • Instagram Feed Aesthetics

M Osama Naeem


Graphic Design, Illustration expert, and Artist. Muhammad Osama was born and raised in Pakistan and, upon graduating from Bahauddin Zakariya University (M.C.A) in Multan. He went to Lahore in 2017. He was a Graphic designer at Message Communication Advertising Agency Company. for two years then he joined Zia-Associates (Product House) company as head of Creative Graphic design. With his unique style of illustration with paintings, he was recognized as a ‘Modern depictor of old heritage’. He portrayed the old heritage (buildings and places) of Pakistan to give it a new soul and sentiments. He co-founded Digital’s Flare to broaden his visual communication and employ his visual language in art, illustration, and design. Osama’s pieces possess highly communicative, assertive graphics, and contain clear signs pointing back to his strong design background.

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