Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  1. Branding Intro
  2. Introduction to BID & CIG
  3. Brand Development
  4. Best Time to Develop BI Guideline
  5. Assignment


Chapter 2 : BI Foundation & Discovery Phase

  1. Beginning Work: Brief
  2. Discover your brand
  3. The Interview
  4. Discover from TV Commercial
  5. Assignment


Chapter 3 : Research and analytical skills development

  1. A critical piece of work
  2. Competitor target audience
  3. Brand mood Board
  4. Assignment


Chapter 4 : Design Phase

  1. Convert your data into design
  2. Branding and rebranding
  3. Logo Design

Convert your data into the design (45 min)

  1. LOGO Designing techniques
  2. Assignment

Approved Logo (45 min)

  1. Logo Approval
  2. Presentation
  3. Assignment

Chapter 5 : Brand Identity System

  1. Logo: Symbols and Wordmarks
  2. Brand Imagery: Photography, Illustration, and Rendering
  3. Color
  4. Typography
  5. Pattern
  6. Brand Voice
  7. Product Branding
  8. Stationery designing
  9. Assignment


Chapter 6 : The Brand Style Guide Phase

  1. Technical Writing
  2. Style Guide
  3. Assignment


Chapter 7 : The Brand Implementation Phase

  1. Design Assets
  2. SDM and Landing Page
  3. Final Quiz


M Zeeshan Naeem


He has diversified fifteen years of extensive experience in Sales and Marketing, Social media and Online Marketing, Cooperate identity guideline development, Brand management, and development, Events Management, Trade Marketing, Marketing research, and analyses, Graphic designing.

Have a foreign (UK) qualification Master in business administration, Strategic Management & Leadership. He started his professional career at a local medicine distribution Company as an Assistant Marketing Manager. In 2003-2008. In 2008, he traveled to the UK for higher education. In Scotland, he served SUBWAY as a Marketing manager. He decided to move to London in 2010 for his MBA. For a part-time job, he joined Tossed – a healthy fast-food chain – as a Marketing analyst. In Oct 2012, he come back to Pakistan and started his business with his friend. US-Enterprises – An integrated Marketing & advertising agency. Where we served around 30 nationals and multinationals and provide marketing solutions from Brand development to trade marketing. In Dec 2015, he Joined Symphony Mobile – A brand of Singapore and Bangladesh as a Head of Sales & Marketing and launched Symphony Mobile In Pakistan. In 2018, he joined Bosch Home Appliances – A German Brand (–European No 1 Brand) as a National Head of Marketing. He was recognized as a young and energetic entrepreneur by USAID & US Embassy and honored with the cover page photo in a Business Magazine.

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