Chapter 1 :

  • Overview (Pros and Cons)
  • Planning & Preparation (Domain + Hosting)
  • WordPress Setup & Initial Settings
  • Divi Introduction
  • Divi Installation
  • Divi Developer
  • Divi Theme Options Overview
  • Divi Theme Customizer Overview
  • Divi Builder Overview – Sections, Rows & Modules
  • Divi C panel setting according to Divi Theme

45 Min.

Chapter 2 :

Divi Advanced:

  • Divi Modules Overview
  • Section, Row & Module Styling
  • Divi Library & Templates
  • Divi for Mobile

Divi Website Build:

  • Front Page Build
  • Header, Footer & Sidebar Build
  • Page Builds
  • Mobile & Final Optimizations

Divi Extras:

  • WordPress Plugins & Ressources
  • Divi Plugins & Ressources
  • i.e. SSL, WooCommerce, Woo Admin, Monarch, Bloom, etc.


Chapter 3 :

Learning The Basics

  • How to install the Divi theme
  • Getting started with the Divi builder
  • Using the Divi theme options
  • Using the Divi theme & module customizer
  • How to update the Divi theme
  • Adding a custom logo image in Divi


Chapter 4 :


1.The divi video slider module

2.The divi video module

3.The divi toggle module

4.The divi text module

5.The divi testimonial module

6.The divi tabs module

7.The divi social media module

8.The divi slider module

9.The divi sidebar module

10.The divi shop module

45 min.

Chapter 5 :


11.The divi search module

12.The divi pricing tables module

13.The divi post title module

14.The divi post slider module

15.The divi post navigation module

16.The divi portfolio module

17.The divi person module

18.The divi number counter module

19.The divi map module

20.The divi login module

21.The divi image module

22.The divi gallery module


Chapter 6 :


23.The divi full width slider module

24.The divi full width portfolio module

25.The divi full width menu module

26.The divi full width map module

27.The divi full width header module

28.The divi filterable portfolio module

29.The divi email optin module

30.The divi divider module

31.The divi countdown timer module

32.The divi contact form module

33.The divi comments module

34.The divi code module


Chapter 7 :


35.The divi circle counter module

36.The divi call to action module

37.The divi button module

38.The divi blurb module

39.The divi blog module

40.The divi bar counters module

41.The divi audio module

42.The divi accordion module

43.Divi woocommerce modules


Chapter 8 :

The Divi library

  • Using selective sync in Divi
  • Importing & exporting Divi builder layouts & library collections
  • Divi global modules, rows & sections

Customizing Divi

  • Using the Divi mobile customizer settings
  • The divi module customizer
  • The divi header & navigation theme customizer settings
  • Divi layout & typography customizer settings
  • Adjusting divi button styles in the theme customizer


Chapter 9 :

Other Features

  • Using the divi role editor
  • How to use divi leads
  • How to use divi blog post formats
  • How to create one-page websites with divi
  • How to create a new project in divi
  • Divi hosting by site ground overview
  • Divi hosting by press able overview
  • Divi hosting by flywheel overview
  • Creating mega menus in divi


Humayun Sahab


Humayoun Shahab is a graduate of NCCS where he acquired his knowledge and expertise in SEO, WordPress development, E-commerce, and social media management. He is Facebook and Oracle certified. He also has the past experience of being a CEO at mux Digitals, CEO at Vision Solutionx, and Director at Kinari.

He started his IT career as an Oracle Database Developer at SoftINN in 2004, after gaining experience he started his own company with the name of SNSSP as a Digital Consultant and polished his expertise as a freelancer in different fields. He got vast experience in Web Designing and Development in this field he is fluent and Professional in WordPress Design and Development. As an SEO and E-commerce expert, he established and work for different international and national brands which scale and increase their business by 10 times as per their annum sale. Got hands-on experience in Social Media Marketing (SMM) especially in Facebook and Instagram Ads and Promotions.

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