Chapter 1 : Introduction

• Downloading and Installing Blender
• Interface of Blender
• Basic Command
• Properties Panel
• Object Setting and Selection
• Global/ Local Coordinates
• Navigation of Viewport
• Object Transformation
• Transformation of Pivot Point
• Toolbars
• Short keys and Practice

Chapter 2 : Basics of 3D Modeling

• Objects in Blender
• 3D Cursor
• Vertices, Edges, Faces
• Extrusion, Scaling, Edge tool
• Subdivision and Beveling
• Primitives
• Lowpoly Basics
• Exercise Practice
• Organic and Inorganic Modeling
• Exercise Practice related to Lesson

Chapter 3 : Editing Objects and Modifiers

• What is Mesh?
• Object Editing Mode/ Manipulation
• Construction of Mesh Tool
• Mesh Selection and Editing
• Modifiers
• Practice of Beveling
• Exercise Practice

Chapter 4 : Shading / Texture/ Materials

• Rendering Engine
• Shader System
• Texturing
• Tips and Tricks
• UV mapping
• Exercise of Texturing and Shading

Chapter 5 : Lighting

• Types of Lighting
• Science and Techniques of Lighting
• Practice of Lighting the objects and scene

Chapter 6 : Inorganic and Organic Modeling

• Exercise : Hand Modeling, Tree modeling
• Practice of Inorganic Modeling
• Exercise Practice : Metal Soda Can Modeling
• Shading, Texturing and Lighting of Model
• Fan/ Cart Wheel Modeling
• Learn Parenting of Objects

Chapter 7 : Animation basics

• Concept and Principles of Animation
• Concept of Timeline and Keyframe
• Animate Objects in Blender
• Basic learning of Animation

Rohama Nadeem


3D Artist, Motion Graphics, Minimalist, Graphic design expert
Rohama Nadeem was born and raised in Pakistan and Graduating from Multan College of Arts, Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan.
She started working as a freelance Graphic Designer in 2017. She is associated with USA based clothing brand as a freelancer. Worked on several freelance 3D projects.
She’s is deeply passionate about creating aesthetic and unique minimal 3D compositions. Her work is known for its emphasis on high-quality textures and color gradients. It is to stimulate people’s minds because of pleasing and satisfying esthetics.
Most important for her is to evoke people’s emotions and stimulate their awareness by using textures that urge people to feel it. She uses satisfying 3D models and basic colors, design elements, and textures that spread some beautiful, still meaningful inspiration to the world.

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