Chapter 1 :

Lesson 1: Overview of 3ds Max

  • 3dsMax interface
  • Navigation techniques and tools
  • Using Viewports and view settings
  • The Command Panel
  • Zoom and Pan with the Wheel
  • The View Cube
  • The Zoom Panel
  • Right-Click to Activate a View
  • Viewport Shade Modes
  • Perspective, Orthographic, Top, and
  • Other Views
  • Safe Frames

Lesson 2: Primitive modeling and transform objects

  • Manipulation of objects using Transform tools
  • Primitives modeling
  • Using Modifier stack
  • Selecting/Deselecting Multiple Objects
  • Selection Types
  • Naming Objects
  • Selecting by Name
  • The Move Tool
  • The Transform Gizmo
  • Pivots
  • Rotate and Scale
  • Select and Place
  • Moving Objects Along Local and View
  • Axis
  • Object Snaps
  • Percent Snap

Chapter 2 :

Lesson 3: Polygon Modelling and Product Models, align, groups and cloning

  • Understanding proper modeling methods
  • Using Vertices, Faces, and Edges
  • Adding edge loops
  • Mirroring Objects
  • Aligning Positions
  • Aligning Orientations
  • Normal Align
  • Grouping/Ungrouping
  • Editing Groups: Open, Close, Attach,
  • Detach, and Explode

Lesson 4: Compound shapes and basic architectural objects 

  • Using Compound Objects
  • Boolean and outline modeling
  • Creating Simple Walls and Doors
  • Aligning Doors with Walls
  • Moving Doors Using Local Axis
  • Creating Openings Using Boolean

Chapter 3 :

Lesson 5: Create spline modeling/ solid modeling and texturing

  • Creating a 3D Model using image planes.
  • Practical session on creating the Model
  • Shape Objects: Lines, Circles, etc.
  • Creating and Animating a 3D Helix.
  • Editing Shape Objects: Vertex, Segment, Spline
  • Vertex Types: Bezier, Bezier Corner, Corner, Smooth
  • Editing Vertices: Break, Fuse, Weld, Refine, Insert, Make First, Connect, Fillet, and Chamfer

Lesson 6: Working with mesh and poly with texture mapping

  • Understanding texturing in 3dsMax
  • Using Material Editor
  • Shaders like Blinn, Phong
  • Modifying Mesh Objects: Vertex, Edge, Face, and Polygon
  • Creating Stairs, Walls, Roofs, and Slabs
  • Using poly Objects
  • Soft Selection
  • Creating an Anchor
  • Creating a Cane
  • Using the FFD 4x4x4, the FFD 3x3x3, and the FFD 2x2x2 to Modify Objects

Chapter 4 :

Lesson 7: A working model with lighting and Render Settings

  • Basic Lighting in 3dsMax
  • Using Point lights, Direct lights, and Spotlights
  • Rendering using Scanline renderer
  • Creating a Pool
  • Slicing a Teapot
  • Raytracing, Shadows, and reflections
  • Smoothing a Poly Object

Lesson 8: Cameras setting and UVunwrapping with multiple objects

  • Cameras
  • Modifiers like Bend, twist, taper, Noise, etc
  • Basic UV unwrapping
  • UV editor
  • Modeling different objects like chair, table or etc
  • Grouping the model

Chapter 5 :

Lesson 9: Intermediate texture mapping options

  • Using Bitmaps as textures
  • Using Photoshop to create textures
  • Texturing the Product Model made by each participant
  • Understanding texturing in 3dsMax
  • Units, Grids, and snaps

Lesson 10:Using Textures and practicing modeling

  • Applying Textures
  • Texture mapping
  • Projecting textures on surfaces
  • Creating a Bolt Opener
  • Creating a Gear
  • Creating a Bottle

Chapter 6 :

Lesson 11: The texture on multiple objects/import from Autocad

  • Applying multiple materials
  • UV mapping
  • The UV Texture Editor
  • Importing a 2D Plan from AutoCAD
  • Assigning Wall Faces IDs

lesson 12: Lighting and rendering

  • Camera Setup
  • Using V-ray rendering
  • Using Target Spotlights
  • Spotlight Properties
  • Free Spotlights
  • Target Direct Lights
  • Free Direct Lights
  • Omni Lights
  • Back Lights

Chapter 7 :

Lesson 13: Rendering/Material and output

  • V-ray render setup
  • V-ray Materials
  • Rendering procedure
  • Material Slots
  • Using Diffuse Maps

Lesson 14: Render setting Global 

  • Global Illumination
  • Knowledge about render presets
  • Configure User Paths

Lesson15: 2d/photoshop final output & assignments 

  • 2D Textures
  • Saving as PNG and Using Photoshop to
  • Replace the Background
  • Compositing in Photoshop
  • Final gather
    (assignment about learning of 3d max)

M Hammad Siddiqui


Graphics designer, expertise in 3d designing and Illustrations. I was born and raised in Karachi Pakistan and, with an education bachelor’s and certificates and an AMSP diploma from Arena Multimedia(Aptech)in Karachi. Now I am working in Advertising Agency as a 3d Artist for 3year in Hexa private limited. His unique style of 3d modeling with lighting and texturing. Command on Vray render engine and work with multiple plugins. He designs different creatives ideas for construction’ activities designs, furniture, interiors, and much more. He works on different freelancer platforms Flare to broaden his visual communication and employ his visual language in 3d art, and design. so Hammad’s pieces possess highly communicative, assertive graphics, and contain clear signs pointing back to his strong design background.

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